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What’s included in the personal training coaching program?

You will be given a personalized training, nutrition, supplementation, cardio protocols specific to your goals. Your initial session will include assessment such as body composition measurements (bodyweight, body fat, girth, etc), photo taking, movement/exercise assessment. Training will comprise of at least 3-4 times weight training per week to achieve maximum/faster body composition result.

I am new to exercise. Can I do this program?

Yes of course. The program will be adjusted depending on your current capability, training and nutritional level, motivation, goals, etc. This is not one-size fits all program, so the coach will take into consideration your starting point when setting up your plan.

Do I need get a gym membership/ access to a gym for this program?

When you are doing 1 to 1 training with your coach, you don’t have to get a gym membership. You will just buy a package and train with him during the duration of your program. The gym is a personal training studio, so you can only use it whenever you have PT sessions.

How much do you charge per session?

Please reach out to us for package prices! Get in touch now to redeem your first session for FREE! Sign up via our link here.

We make change happen

I started training with RD Fitness because of a total knee replacement, i had to learn to walk again, try to get less pain, get my whole body stronger, lose weight and get into a routine and better shape.

When i started training with Ralph, I didn’t know that i could lose so much weight by eating the right things. I liked the exercises even if i get alot of pain, the toughest for me was to listen to my body when it needed rest.

My life today is now totally pain free and I lost 15kg!

Today I know what to do, what to eat, and I can get motivation from you.

ZUZII , 53

The most rewarding result of this entire program is to see the gradual transformation of not only my body but also the change of outlook on both my diet and lifestyle. Ralph is such a dedicated and conscientious personal trainer.

I have trained with many personal trainers but I have not encountered one like Ralph

who is so committed to helping me achieve my goal. He made me realize that dreams do not have any age barrier and can be turned into reality with loads of determination and perseverance.


I’ve always had a slim athletic build and felt generally fit – I love playing football and was doing F45 most weekdays. I’ve never been a weights kind of person so was lacking the knowledge on what to do. I wanted to gain some better muscle definition and bulk up a bit. I’ve never been confident of my body so I wanted to see if I could change all that.

It was really important for me to get someone who could tailor an approach to my food and exercise that was going to work for my body type and schedule.

Ralph nailed it on all fronts.


I started my journey with Ralph in 2016 (time flies) because while I have always been an active person, I noticed that as I got on in age, I had started to put on weight and was no longer happy with how I looked or felt in my own skin.

Ralph is a very diligent and caring coach. Prior to this, I had never been to a gym before, never thought about how important strength training is for a women. I went from 55KG to about 49KG and my body fat went from 24% to 19%. This transformation made me feel good about myself.

Ralph has become more than just a coach or trainer, he’s become a friend. I appreciate that.

imin , 35

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Ralph Daniel Dizon

Ralph’s mission is to inspire you and help you to achieve results you never thought you could. He wants you to be in the driving seat with him as your tour guide and help you every step of the way to lead you to a better version of yourself.


Shi Min believes that with consistency and hard work, even the heaviest rock, one day will become light. To this end, her methods seek to improve an individual’s strength and cardiovascular endurance in a holistic and enjoyable manner.


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