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The most rewarding result of this entire program is to see the gradual transformation of not only my body but also the change of outlook on both my diet and lifestyle. Ralph is such a dedicated and conscientious personal trainer.

I have trained with many personal trainers but I have not encountered one like Ralph

who is so committed to helping me achieve my goal. He made me realize that dreams do not have any age barrier and can be turned into reality with loads of determination and perseverance.


I’ve always had a slim athletic build and felt generally fit – I love playing football and was doing F45 most weekdays. I’ve never been a weights kind of person so was lacking the knowledge on what to do. I wanted to gain some better muscle definition and bulk up a bit. I’ve never been confident of my body so I wanted to see if I could change all that.

It was really important for me to get someone who could tailor an approach to my food and exercise that was going to work for my body type and schedule.

Ralph nailed it on all fronts.


Have you…

+ Always wanted to get into a fitness routine but don’t know where to start?
+ Tried exercising but chronic conditions and injuries are holding you back?
+ Felt like you were too busy or too weary to workout?
+ Trained for long but still not seeing results?
+ Got bored and lost motivation with repetitive workouts?
+ Been trying to improve your athletic performance but struggling in performance?

how We transform lives

Holistic Personal Training

When it comes to fitness, everyone is built different. This is why cookie-cutter programs such as YouTube videos and diet books don’t work on everyone.

With our innovative exercises, our trainers provide a structured, strategic and yet fun platform to help you crush your fitness goals.

Sg Personal Training - Rd Fitness Gym

Full access to high-end equipment

We get it. The gym can be intimidating at times but our trainers will guide you properly & safely through the equipment & exercises.

When you train with us, you gain access to a variety of world-class equipment from functional training, strength machines to cardiovascular equipment.

Genuine 2-way communication

Believe it or not, exercise is enjoyable. When you have a trainer who cares for your food interests & goals instead of a top-down approach, exercising with your trainer can be a fun social activity!

We’re all about making this journey an enjoyable and effective process for you.

We touch beyond the surface

No more fad diets or falling for marketing gimmicks. We don’t just give you a program and send you on your way.

Our trainers ensure you’re well-educated about all aspects of health and fitness so you can achieve your lifestyle goals – for a lifetime.

Our fitness programmes

1 on 1 Personal Training

✔   Initial Assessment
✔   In-Person Training Sessions
✔   Customized Training Plan
✔   Customized Nutrition Plan
✔   Gym Facilities Usage
✔   Progress Checking

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Online Personal Training

✔   Monthly Video Call
✔   Weekly Check-In
✔   Customized Training Plan
✔   Customized Nutrition Plan
✔   Supplement Recommendation
✔   Trainerise App Access

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Our Certifications & Partners

RD Fitness  VS  Commercial Gyms

RD Fitness Personal Training

Commercial Gyms Personal Training

How to get started

Step 1:

Schedule a Free Session

Step 2:

Assessment & Goal Setting

Step 3:

Transformation Begins

Our gym locations


Oxley Tower

138 Robinson Road #09-01 Singapore 068906

What makes us different

The RD Fitness Experience

We Help Everyone

Whether you’re just starting out or gearing up on performance, we have the most suitable plan of action for everyone.

Train in an exclusive private gym

Premium & exclusive gym facility available during sessions. With state-of-the-art equipment, you can train in a well-kept, private space that’s always welcoming and comfortable.

Workout at your own schedule

Schedule sessions where and when it’s convenient for you. Fit your busy lifestyle with our options for private personal or online training. Enjoy in-app progress tracking and dedicated training routines with Trainerise!

First Class Physical Trainers

Experienced & Multi-certified Trainers

With a decade’s worth of real-world fitness training experience, our elite trainers are professionally certified in the science of nutrition, sports science and strength & conditioning.

Keeping you on track

Contrary to popular belief, even our trainers have undergone struggles along their fitness journey and we’re here to keep you inspired. So don’t give up on your dream goals!

Research-Backed Practices

We love science – our trainers employ evidence-based practices in nutrition and coaching. We constantly glean insights from reputable, peer-reviewed scientific papers to ensure our future programs are firmly grounded in science.

integrated & Holistic program

Customised Training Plan

We produce a bespoke training program for every individual, designed 100% around you, based on your goals, lifestyle and around any restrictions.

Always reach new heights with us

Highly progressive and structured workouts that build on progress so you’ll always be pushing yourself and seeing improvements.

Progressive behaviour change will create sustainable results that last.

Achieve results

What gets measured gets done. We track your progress bi-weekly with a comprehensive assessment to ensure you’re working towards your goals, and we’ll adjust accordingly if necessary.


We’re looking for enthusiastic, results-driven and passionate personal trainers to join our team!

If you’re keen to help people reach their fitness and lifestyle goals, you can reach out to us here!


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